Group Order FAQs

  • What is a Group Order?
    A group order is an order setup for a group where one person does not have to add everyone?s individual order. The administrator (person setting up the group order) creates a group order by adding emails to their online address book on The system sends a email invitation containing the group order number, password and ordering link. This email invitation allows each individual to directly access the order on the Jason?s Deli site and add their selections.

  • Why use group ordering?
    Group ordering can be a great time saving tool. It eliminates one person having to gather everyone?s order to call it in. Each person is responsible for ordering their own food and can select exactly what they would like.

  • How do I create a Group Order?
    Login to your account and please select "Please Deliver" or "I?ll Pickup" from the ?Group Order? section of the page. Provide us a delivery address or deli location you would like to order from. Complete the group order settings such as name of event, date & time of order, who is paying for the order, attendees, acknowledgment of terms & conditions. Click send the invitation.

    You will be prompted for payment by the system if everyone is paying individually. You will be redirected to a screen showing the status of the order. The invitation is officially sent to your attendees at this point.


    Closing Time - The closing time is automatically assigned by the system; however you may change them if necessary. Your order will be sent to the store at the time you specify in this close setting. If you have a large group that will be adding to your order, PLEASE adjust the close time to send your order to the store at an earlier time. This will ensure the store has enough time to make your order and have it delivered at its scheduled time.

    Menus - Available Menus can be selected to isolate the attendees of the group order. "Full Menu" will allow our dine-in and catering menu to attendees. By selecting "Regular Menu" attendees will be allowed choices from in-store only. By selecting "Catering Menu" attendees will be allowed choices from catering only.

    Notes - You can include a personalized note to your attendees which will appear to all the guests on their invitation. The deli does not receive any notes entered in this field.

    Terms & Conditions - Click the terms and conditions checkbox that reads "I understand that if the order does not meet the minimum value of $____ (before tax and delivery fee) at close time it will be cancelled automatically.

    Delivery Fee Responsibility - The creator of the group order is responsible for arranging payment for the delivery fee when selecting a group order for delivery.

  • Where does the group order number come from?
    The group order number will be contained in the email invitation sent to each attendee once the group order has been created. If created successfully, you may also find the group order number if you are logged into your account and click "History."

  • Who pays on a group order? (Single Payment Vs Multiple Payment)
    You can create the group order so that you as the creator pays for the entire order OR enable each person to pay on their own. The creator is responsible for the delivery fee, regardless of whether single or multiple payment is selected.

  • How do I manage my group order address book?
    You must be creating a new group order in order to see this feature. Once brought to the group order settings page you can add new email addresses, remove all email addresses by selecting "delete selected all" or by clicking the orange X button to each corresponding email address. You can also add groups of emails address at one time. Should you choose to not add to your address book or send a one-time invitation for an order, you can click "Don?t save these email addresses for use in future group order."

  • How do I review line item details on a group order?
    Login to your account and click "History." Locate the group order number and click "view". This will display the items ordered by attendee and their name. Note* ONLY if the order is still in process, you will need to click "Change Order Details" at the bottom to view detailed information as just mentioned.

  • Where do I change the group order settings on an existing group order?
    Login to your account and click "History." Locate the group order number and click "View". ONLY will this button appear if the order is still in process. You will need to click "Group Order Settings" at the bottom of the page. Edit the necessary settings and click "Update" once done.

  • One of my attendees did not get the invitation?
    Please have the attendee review their trash, spam and junk folders in their email. You can also login to your account and click "History." Locate the group order number and click "View." This will display the order number and password for the group order under the order information. The attendee can then click on a link on the main ordering page "Adding to a Group Order? learn more" and they will be prompted for the order number and password. They can proceed from there.

  • Can I (as the creator) add to my existing group order without the invitation?
    Absolutely! Login to your account and click "History." Locate the group order number and click "View." Click "Change Order Details" at the bottom of the page. This will display who has ordered and you may click "add to cart." You will then be redirected to the menu and add items accordingly. Follow through with the process until you see that your items "were successfully added to the group order."

  • Everyone is done ordering, how do I close the group order and send to the deli earlier?
    Login to your account and click "History." Locate the group order number and click "View." Click "Change Order Details" at the bottom of the page. This will display a button entitled "Finish Order." Click the button and it will transmit the order to the store immediately.

  • Who earns Deli Dollars on a Group Order? (Single Payment Vs Multiple Payment)
    If you create the group order where the one person (i.e. creator) is paying for the entire order, the creator orf the order will earn the deli dollars for orders placed by the attendees.

    If you create the group order where all atendees are paying on their own, each attendee will earn the deli dollars for their individual order and not the person creating the group order.

  • Do my attendees have to be registered with Jason's Deli to use group ordering?
    That depends...

    If you are the creator of the order and paying for the entire order, your attendees will not need to log in.

    If you created the group order and everyone is paying for themselves, each attendee will need to log into their account prior to placing their order. We like to ensure that their order is tracked and found in their order history for reconciliation purposes, their payment is secure, and they are rewarded with deli dollars.

  • Should I get a confirmation page on group orders?
    Jason's deli will always provide you a confirmation on screen to let you know that either creating your group order or adding your items to an existing group order were done successfully. If you do not get a confirmatin, continue with the process until one is displayed.

    If you are not sure your item added to an existing group order, please contact the creator who can review their order.

  • Is the number and password case-sensitive?
    Yes! We like to ensure security so that you as guest know only desired attendees are able to access this order.