Jason's Deli D'Arrigo Field Tour 2019

Hey Jason’s Deli Family!

While we were in California, we also visited our friends at D’Arrigo California and toured their beautiful broccoli and romaine fields. It was such a blast, and so amazing to see their top-notch produce program in action.

D’Arrigo California grows and ships a wide range of products under the Andy Boy label, and we’ve partnered with them for over 12 years on our iceberg lettuce, leafy lettuce, romaine and broccoli. And our customers have enjoyed every sandwich and salad bar they’ve been on since!

The Best Broccoli

You can find Andy Boy broccoli on our Garden Fresh Salad Bar and steamed veggies. Before it makes its way to your plate, the D’Arrigo employees hand-pick each stalk with care. 

After the broccoli is picked, the stalks are bunched, banded and placed in boxes, where they’re shipped to retail locations across the U.S., including restaurants such as our 285+ Jason’s Deli locations. 

Reliable Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is the second most popular vegetable in America, and D’Arrigo California has been growing it for over 30 years now! That’s just one of the reasons we chose them to supply such fresh and amazing Andy Boy Romaine to our delis. You can find their Romaine on our salad bar, and in quite a few different salads on our menu. 

Another reason we are proud to serve Andy Boy Romaine is their commitment to food safety. It’s our top priority to provide our Jason’s Deli customer with the highest quality food served safely, and we know we can count on our partners at D’Arrigo California to do just that.

“At D’Arrigo California, we take food safety very seriously. Since we are completely vertically integrated, we have control from the time the seed is planted, until our product is loaded into our customers’ trucks and the doors have been closed. One of the top benefits of having this complete control throughout the growing and harvesting process, is that we know the history of the land and exactly what it took to produce the crop. We know which crews harvest on each of our ranches. Therefore, we know who is doing the harvesting, what training they have had and to whom the harvested crop is shipped.” - Andy Boy Food Safety

Incredible Iceberg Lettuce

When we toured D’Arrigo California’s fields, we were able to watch the iceberg lettuce harvesting and packing process. It’s always so cool to see lettuce being taken from its growing state, and packaged in the way that we, as consumers, see it used in foodservice and grocery stores. We were able to watch the lettuce being picked straight from the field, packaged and loaded onto trucks that would then take the lettuce to the D’Arrigo California distribution center.

That same lettuce would arrive at our delis and go on our salad bar and sandwiches across our menu; so you can thank them for the perfect crunch it brings to your meal. 

D’Arrigo California is such a vital part of our produce program at Jason’s Deli, and we are so thankful for the partnership that provides some of the best veggies to each of our delis. We hope you enjoy!

Providing our customers with the highest quality food served safely.

It’s a family thing.™